About Me

Hello! My name is Terry. I am curious by nature and I love to try new things. Currently a student focusing on Multimedia Communications at the beautiful Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington. It's a challenging but really a fun adventure! It proves that we can always learn something new if we are willing. I am challenged everyday and never experience being bored! Please join me in my adventures as I document it on this website.

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Cactus Dahlia

Beautiful decorative flowers, the petals revolute or rollback along half it's lenghth. The plants thrive in full sun. I was walking one day by Park Avenue in Port Angeles when I passed by a house with these beautiful flowers blooming in the front yard. I had to stop and admire them, took several photographs. Seeing these beautiful blooms just makes me happy. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that "Earth Laughs in Flowers". I like that very much, do flowers bring you joy too?

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Gardenia is best known for their fragrant white flowers and dark, glossy leaves. So popular that well know perfumeries carry the gardenia's fragrance notes. Brands such as Flora by Gucci, Creed Fleurs de Gardenia, Tocca, Marc Jacobs and many more. This photograph was taken in Orlando, Florida last summer. The neighborhood uses Gardenia as their shrubbery. I just have to stop and smell them. Nice smells bring back memories and really brightens my day!

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Cactus Flower

Cactus are great ornamental plants. They are popular for being hardy and drought tolerant but not really know for their flowers. Cactus leaves as well as the flowers are edible. Some varieties also bear edible fruits. This picture of the echinocereus type of cactus caught my attention when we were visiting New Mexico's Bandelier National Monument. The beautiful bright orange blooms really stood out amongst earth tones and greens. Seeing something beautiful is like receiving an unexpected gift and I love gifts!

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